The nature of work has changed for the better. Employee perks should to.

Employee benefits programs - also known as perks, stipends, or allowances - have typically been a top-down, cookie cutter standard set of offerings. Usually they appeal to a minority of the workforce and are under utilized, which is ineffective and inefficient for employers and employees alike.

Now that work has become more flexible, your
company's benefits offering should be
equally as customizable and responsive to the
dynamic needs of your team.

Introducing work-life benefits because
one-size-fits-all fits no one at all.

Simple and efficient employee benefits

Do away with confusing points systems, dead-money debit cards, and marketplaces full of discounts to products nobody wants. Upside lets your team spend however they want and keeps your cashflow where it belongs - in your business. Here's why companies love work/life benefits
Attract & retain top talent
Creative usage limited only by imagination
Streamline your benefits and save time
Track spend and eliminate slippage
Go global with benefits without boarders

4-steps to creating work-life benefits
for your team

Book a demo session

Start with a free demo of Upside with no obligation - the full tour takes about 15 minutes.
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Build your benefits sandbox

Upside enables you to create flexible frameworks for your team to use their benefits however they want within the rules you set.
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Invite your team

Create custom teams or company-wide programs and invite your team to join an easy onboarding process.
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Track and Improve

With real-time reporting, you'll know exactly what your team values and you'll never lose track of spend.
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Work-life benefits limited only by your imagination

Average monthly engagement
Increase in employee retention
Reduction in admin

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