Offer your team anything-as-a-benefit

Upside makes it simple to offer flexible benefits programs that are tailored for your company and meaningful for your team. We call them work/life benefits.

Let your people choose what matters most to them. Set the rules once, Upside automates the admin and everybody wins.
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Wellness 😌

Promote physical and mental wellbeing with flexible programs for gym memberships, yoga classes, coaching or therapy.

Productivity ⏱️

Increase performance through coworking allowances, house cleaning or standing desks for your remote and hybrid team.

Education 💡

Enable career and personal growth with a budget reserved for online learning, specialized bootcamps or student loan repayments.

Family 🏠

Support your team's family needs like childcare, parental care and pet care no matter where they are in the world.

Fun 🥳

Add one-time discretional bonuses so your team can celebrate with a special dinner, birthday party, travel plans or a live concert

Giving back 👏

Let your team decide which charities to support or help them grow their finances with incremental investments

The future of work is truly flexible

A coworking budget for one, regular house cleaning for another.  Keep up with employee needs based on what makes sense for them, and for you.

Meaningful perks, easy admin

With all of your team's programs and usage synced on one dashboard, you're always on top of the situation. Reimbursements are approved with a click and, thanks to powerful integrations, updating payroll is a breeze.

Launch in 3 easy steps

Manage all your benefits programs in one place

Spend your benefits allowances exactly how you want
Never worry about points systems or coupons
Seamless reimbursements in your next payroll
Track your spend in real-time with the Upside app
Create customized, flexible benefits programs
Save time and money with efficient admin
Pull real-time reports to track and optimize spend
No dead money wasted in front-loaded debit gift cards